Tuesday, April 02, 2013

wip-ing it up

 The wind has been blowing mini pollen storms throughout town and so after work at the school, I hightail it home to wash the pollen out of my hair and such, and do my best to keep myself as healthy as possible, considering. I've taken to drinking hot water. Just hot water. In a chicken mug. Or an owl mug. Hot water is kind of boring but when it hits yer sad and sorry allergy ridden throat and you are face to face with a happy chicken or an owl, it doesn't seem all that bad. Especially when you stop to think how lucky you are that you can actually drink hot water. Or you know...have access to it.
Anywhoo....in between misplacing my mugs of hot water (which then quickly become not-so-hot water) I have been wrapping yarn around my fingers and painting pom-poms and misplacing darning needles left and right.
I'm getting the darn bed made and someday soon I will finish it and remember to take pictures before the light fadey-fades fades away. For now I wrap, and paint and try not to think about the two crowns that I will be getting to replace some retiring fillings....I fear Thursday will be a day I get nothing done. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck friend!!

  2. Ugh feel better! I have been taking allergy shots for over a year, and they are really working. I hope you find a combo that works for you. Keep your windows closed!!!

    Wanted to pop in and let you know what Ana loves her pompoms hanging in the playroom, they look so cute. thanks again