Monday, April 08, 2013

the week in review: april 1-7

 While the week began slowly (it kinda involved mostly work, a little sick and then THE DENTIST) it ended with a bang full of flowers and fog. I switched my work schedule around to accommodate the dental appointment for which I would be on a happy pill so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday involved hanging out with kiddos, getting paint and glue all over me, and a mysterious bout of nausea that had me oh-so-slowly driving myself home from work early. Still haven't figured out what was up with that unless it was the counter top oatmeal that sat for a smidge too long or maybe the super high dose of Vitamin C I swallowed moments before leaving for work (I think the C was the culprit and also, oh my mawd! It took me forever to spell vitamin, sheesh!).

Thursday I took a leetle blue pill and headed off to the dentist to get my fillings replaced. I have very little memory of the whole thing save for the seemingly hours-long injection of novocaine, my sad attempts at drinking some water to get rid of the bad taste of the putty stuff they use to make molds of your teeth,  and the dentist telling me to bite, bite, bite but me not responding until he demonstrated with teeth clicking sounds. I'm telling you it was hilarious and that in and of itself is a reason why I never did drugs. The sister-a-go-go dropped me off and picked me up and I crashed on the sofa at the homestead and slept for five hours. I woke up to a sore face and McDonald's cheeseburgers which happen to be my food of choice after a dental procedure. Please don't hold it against me. 

Friday I was still all floopy from the leetle blue pill and so slept and read and read and slept and enjoyed more cheeseburgers. By Saturday I was more clear headed and ready to play with bubbles. mr. a-go-go and I headed out for a brunch and bubbles date. The small group of us were far too enchanted for bubbles, really, it was a blast! We mixed up our own concoction and tied yarn to bamboo and got to figuring it all out along to the dulcet tunes of peacocks during mating season. For reals! Worn out from the sun and bubble making we came home and nappity-napped.

The week came to a close with an up before sunrise drive out to look for wildflowers. The season was short this year and it appears the cows chewed their way through what remained but we still enjoyed a five hour excursion that involved fog, flowers, insects, moss, cows, and breakfast burritos (shhh, don't tell the cows). In between all that I made pom-poms, the bed, tea, lunches, and dinner. How was your week?


  1. oh your poor mouth! and no judgement on the cheeseburgers, cause whatever it takes is what it takes! my week was spent at home(as per usual) avoiding the book report with the one kid and watching as the cusp of spring coiled round us day by day...the snow cover has retreated to the shadiest areas and igot to plant some pansies...the muddiness of the dirt road we live on has fluctuated but been pretty good, all things being as they are...the older kid now has health insurance figured out(it all changed when he turned 18...)but he won't be covered till the end of the month(?)...ah well,and today is rainy, i am going to do the bills, and then i can do some more art, be well! carroll

    1. yay for pansy planting and health insurance! i have never lived where there is snow but you make even the iciest sound quite pretty. i wish we had more rain but today was a typical gorgeous day here in SLO. morning was 45F but now it is 72F. have fun arting it up! i hope to do something creative on Thursday!