Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I was torn from slumber this morning by an asthma attack that took four hits of my fast acting inhaler and thirty minutes of panic before it subsided. It left a stitch in my left side and a whopper of a headache on my right. I once read that the best way to get through an asthma attack was to eschew meds and to keep calm. I'm not sure the person who wrote the article has ever had an asthma attack. There is nothing calm about one. Nothing. The only good thing about the attack was that it got me up early enough to take my new thyroid dose so that I can eat before work.

I did manage to fall asleep for another hour before it was time to get up, neti the nose, drink something hot, eat something protein-full and generally feel like one of the living.

Oof! I'm falling apart. Thank goodness for orange flats that even though the toes are now all scuffity-scuffed they still make me smile.

A few people have mentioned that they would like to listen to the mister's ukes. Here is a video on flickr and then the same one or two on youtube. Enjoy.

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