Friday, February 08, 2013

ten garlands in ten days: hearts all o' cluster

Being quite fond of the wonder that is the garland, I thought it was time for me to revisit ten garlands in ten days. I had meant to begin this a few days ago, ending on Valentine's Day but I simply dropped the ball. All but one of the garlands is already made and so I hope you enjoy them! 

This cluster garland was created by stitching painted newspaper hearts together, with various lengths of garland stemming from the top heart. I'll show ya how! 

Grap a sheet of newspaper and some happy neon paint. Drizzle, drip and blob your paint onto the newspaper. Fold in half and rub like ya did in kindergarten when you made blobby butterflies. If yer newspaper is too wet it will rip so gentle is the key. Open gently and allow to dry. 

Once dry, either hand cut or paper punch out your heart shapes. I used a large heart punch makign the hearts about an inch and half tall.

Bring to your sewing machine and stitch together with a short stitch, ten hearts. Gather up eight hearts and chain them together using the top heart of the first row. Next, gather six or seven and also stitch those in a row to the top heart. Your top heart will be covered in stitches with your various chains dangling below. 

Hang in a happy place and go paint more newspaper to make more! My next batch will have paint on both sides of the heart! **

**I'll take a picture of the top heart so you can see better soon! 

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  1. this was just the ticket after a week of being sick - we painted up newspaper all pretty and now we're punching away (ours are circles, mostly because that's the punch we have). can't wait to get sewing. thank you for a great, cheery project!