Sunday, February 17, 2013

ten garlands in ten days: foil festive

Oh how I love this bit of garland goodness. Had I more fancied-up foil I would have probably created and entire wall of it. Since I did not, I created a garland that is a smidge more than three feet wide with a series of happy strands hanging down. The longest strand has ten circles stitched together. I did this freeform without any solid plan and am really happy with how it turned out! 

I used the prcess from my tinfoil festive and glittery gelt projects on scrumdilly-do! This time however I doubled up on the foil painting and did bith sides. It took a long time to dry but was totally worth it. After punching out the large circkes and getting glitter EVERYWHERE), I stitched up one three foot long garland and then I made small piles containing 3-9 circles. I plopped the long garland under by sewing machine foot and began creating another garland using one pile of circles. When that was finished, I snipped threads and moved over one circle and created another garland using the next pile of circles. I basically added strands to the main garland. I do not have any photosand it is a little difficult explaining it all but if you are used to sewing, I think you can see what I did here, if you are not, you may be able to create something similar using glue, it will take forever to finish but I think it can be done! Good luck! 


  1. Really enjoyed the garlands . . . have to give a few a try!

    1. thank you! have you tried any yet? ;)