Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ten garlands in ten day: amaranth blossoms

I found a jar of amaranth tea at an asian market in Los Angeles (well...more like blossoms, not tea but it was in the tea section). The jar was pretty as were the dried blossoms inside and I scooped it up lickety split! When I was planning this garland-fest, I thought the blossoms would look extra pretty all strung up on strng and so I grabbed a needle and thin silver thread (found at my fabric store) and whiiped up this bit of pretty. 

 You could probably use any sturdy dried blossom for this. Even the the amarath blossoms were pretty sturdy, I still managed to decimate a handful while jabbng a pointy needle into them.

I also brewed a cup of tea. Even without any sense of smell it was delightful with a smidgey-smidge of honey! It's also good for you

You can find amaranth tea or blossoms or even blossoming tea online. Enjoy! 

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