Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wha? it's almost wednesday already?

Methinks my brain has turned to mush. I haven't been able to wrap my head around any words of whimsy. I blame it on the weekend trip to L.A., the cooler weather and my impending date with jury duty. Today's accomplishments were wee. I baked a box cake for the nephew a-go-go's birthday tomorrow, put together my jury duty bag, completed one load of laundry and made dinner. I have a notebook full of lists and a dozen half written projects in front of me not to a small explosion of craft supplies that simply will not be contained. Tomorrow, I traipse out to job-o number one before I duck into my civic duty after which is a pizza party for the birthday boy...the craft supplies that will not be contained will have to wait for another day. I also need to figure out how to pull a picture from a pdf file as I have something nifty to share with you.

Oh and as far as my previous fashion inspired post goes (for the handful of readers who were asking) I got lost on polyvore yesterday and was simply testing it out whilst wishing for a fashionable me. i really do love me some blue and orange. I may post a few more...what do you think? I did manage to craft a smidge while down south. It isn't finished yet but I like it. I picked out the materials at the last minute in the dim light of the living room. I thought the colors were a lot more pink but I like how they look anyway.

Happy almost-Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Thanks so much for the quick banana bread recipe! I made it yesterday when I was home sick :)
    Have a great day