Saturday, January 07, 2012

up to my usual distractions

 My to-do list for the new year so far is quite long. And, like the old fuddy-duddy I am, I lean towards adding to the list with a nice medium point pen. A lot of adding...not much doing. Or at least, not much doing that is on the list. Instead, I distract myself with watching 80s flicks and various documentaries on Netflix or I transfer my massive collection of embroidery thread from a metal drawer to an enormous jar because everything looks cheerier in a jar,  or I bake a batch of scones or hard-boil a dozen eggs. I suppose I should have added all of the above to my list then I might feel accomplished, no?
cereal for lunch
happy dishes
they suddenly popped up all over
So, as I work on adding to my list (which gets all the muck out of my noggin, at least) I also work on keeping myself entertained which then encourages me to think a wee bit more creative. I did empty two smallish boxes and move a bag of pom-poms from in the casa to out of the casa. See? Progress. Oh, this reminds me that I have a pile of photographs on the bed and a sleepy mister who might want me to move them before tomorrow. I bid you adieu with a little peek here and there of some of my recent distractions. Happy weekend!

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  1. Oh jek! I'm glad i'm not the only one. My list is a mile long and i've found every way to avoid it.

    Playing and distractions are just so much more fun.