Saturday, January 28, 2012

old and pretty, weak coffee and a mini road trip

 Last weekend we joined a sister a-go-go, her fella and the mama for a diner breakfast. After filling up on french toast and eggs and very weak coffee (which we asked about, it was really bad. they then told us they had two pots, one strong, one weak. now why wouldn't they ask us? hmmm. now we know, next time ask for the pot with the rubberband on it. i guess we need to be regulars.) we hit up a small used bookstore and a walk through an antigue store that was more junk (in a good way) than antique though maybe the prices were more antique than junky. I didn't really ask as we are brokity broke, shopping for a replacement Rodney and I suppose I really don't need an old wooden dollhouse shelf or a handful of spotty bottles. A girl can however take pictures, so I did.
We're on our way out to Bakersfield to test drive some cars. It's really not easy find your basic non-souped up vehicles on the lot so Bakersfield it is. It's a two hour drive but we'll make the most of it. Got the ipod loaded up with new podcasts, a small pack of dilly-made brownies in a box, two thermoses of hot tea and a couple of apples tucked away as well. I'll also have a couple of cameras along hoping for some pretty (I hope I don't jinx myself). Happy weekend and thank you, THANK YOU, for the love and support of my last post. I truly wish I could have ya all over for tea and kvetching. Wouldn't that be grand? I have a follow up brewing in my head lest you think I was bashing anyone, which I wasn't, only myself I suppose. I'm really good at that, don't ya know? Anyway...happy weekend friends! Enjoy it to the fullest!

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