Monday, March 21, 2011


we've had a bit of rain...all weekend. if i can separate my thoughts from thinking of Japan and its people, i can think of the rain and how i do enjoy it. my thoughts have been troubled and full of grief for all those touched by the earthquake. i wake up in the middle of the night feeling chilled and burrow deep into the covers until i feel warm and i think how grateful i am to make warmth for myself and my heart aches a little more for those who cannot. i awake in the middle of the night or early morning with the familiar itch and tightness of an asthma attack and i think of those who cannot breathe as i gratefully take my inhaler. this is how it is. we move on, and forward, we're either touched or we're not. it isn't a bad thing to move on with your life. it is a necessary thing. moving forward is pretty much the only way to go. time does not stand still, the earth turns, the sun sets and we step forward how we will. what we can do is choose how we move forward. no matter how little or how much we have, we can choose to move forward with purpose and grace, with hope and with sorrow, with compassion and with empathy. we can take baby steps, we can stride, we can soar. we can put more effort into our own personal interactions. we can give. we can go without. we can take a day or two or four to not move forward, to grieve or to wallow but we must also know at some point the covers need to be laundered, the windows opened and the grit from our eyes rinsed away. taking time to absorb, ponder and work through our feelings is moving forward, even when you feel like you are falling backwards.

as long as there is genuine love in your heart, in your soul...genuine love and joy for simple things and grand things...genuine love for yourself and your family, your steps forward will touch others as theirs will touch more and we will find that our love and goodness can indeed be stitched together, creating a quilt of kindness to wrap ourselves with and find warmth.


  1. I can't help thinking how U.S. earthquake guides tell you to be prepared for 2 weeks. I have all intentions to get up to that amount, but started thinking - what is so magical about 2 weeks? You still might not have a house, and the stores may not have food (or in this case the food is contaminated by radiation). So really - can you ever be prepared?? My heart aches for those who are victims of Mother Nature, or war...we do a number on each other as well...

  2. Jek, I think this is one of the most beautiful blog entries of yours I've ever read...really thoughtful and touching. A lot of us lately feel like hunkering down in some warm blankets, giving thanks for the simple things in our lives that we sometimes take for granted, and wishing blessings on those who have lost so much.

  3. you've touched my heart.

    truly moving and beautiful.

    thank you.

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    thank you!!!