Monday, March 07, 2011

birthday getaway: thrifting & food

mr. a-go-go and I finally ventured south to Los Angeles for a week long belated birthday and anniversary holiday. While he headed out to explore sand dunes, my girls whisked me away for a girlie weekend. Whoo-hoo!
We began the day with coffee (of course) and pastries (of course, of course) and I was presented with a list of 40 jumps which we were to attempt to leap in honor of little ol' moi. My ladies so adorably explained that each jump was inspired by me. After reading the list, I quickly grew very embarrassed and tickled all at the same time. I am complicated like that.
Eschewing the Japanese dollar store for the magic thrift, we jumped into the birthday car a-go-go and traveled far across our great city in search of nifty finds and jibber-jabber as we are wont to do. 
Fanciful quilts and gorgeous sweaters seemed to be the theme and after we managed to stuffy-stuff the whole kit and caboodle into the birthday car a-go-go it was time for food.
Back-tracking to whence we started, we found our way to my favorite banh mi place and enjoyed an impromptu picnic in the park atop one of the fanciful quilts. Next stop a wander through America-ville to see the pretties at Anthropologie while girlie-o number one ran "errands" (chortle. heehee. giggle. giggle). It didn't take long and soon we were on our way to pick her up for the next installment of the birthday bonanza which involved all sorts of secret whispering between girlie-os one and two. You'll read more about that tomorrow!
(isn't this quilt A M A Z I N G ?)


  1. quilt is amazing.
    jumps are amazing.
    what a fun, fun day! good for you! hoping it was the happiest!

  2. That looks like a fantastically fun time! I'm glad you got to celebrate :)

  3. Weird, the quilt looks totally different when you're looking at it straight on. I want another Vietnemese swammich

  4. Whaaaaa? That's a thrifted quilt???? Oh my goodness, what a score! Your day sounds so fantastic. Good friends are the very best. :)

  5. Greeblygreebly4:44 AM

    That quilt is gorgeous!

    The list of forty jumps is an amazing idea, how fun!

  6. Totally amazing find there with that quilt!! Sounds like a superbly fantastic birthday celebration!!