Tuesday, February 15, 2011

for tara: valentine details

Here are the details of my handmade Valentine...and I did end up making more...the pretty was too pretty to resist.My swap partner told me she liked quirky and maybe a little shabby chic. So I did my best and quirked it up but in shabby chic colors.
 A wool flower made from felted sweaters
 Quirky hand-stitched cloud full of lurve in a glassine envie.
 This red and white label is vintage and came from grannie's stash.
 Machine-stitched tag with vintage lace and button.
 Machine-stitched garland in quirky colors thanks to a K & Co. paper pad. The garland is wrapped around a vintage postcard blank, also from grannie's stash.
All layered together a la Tara-style! So, what do you think? Do you think these would move in the shop? I really, really, want to get a birthday haircut. Seriously, I NEED a haircut and am brokety-broke. Any ideas?


  1. i love all the Valentine layers!! lovely - and yes! I think they will do well, I'll advertise for you too!! Thanks for adding the photos, I really wanted to see what you made. :))) xo~ t

  2. how about some garlands with the holidays ahead like green starbucks straws and shamrocks and easter eggs on a sweet string....those garlands I wanna buy!!

    your love clouds were adorable and would make a great garland with suns for spring hopes!!!

    love your style!!!

  3. i would cut it if i lived near you for free! i'm good at it! not a hairdresser, but know what to do from years and years of instruction and artistry.