Tuesday, February 08, 2011

abandoned pink

On Superbowl Sunday we went out for a photo day with a flickr friend. We left before 8am and hit up the James Dean Memorial and Jack Ranch Cafe just in time for pie and coffee. More about that on goin' with the a-go-gos.
Mister drove and we hollered out stop every time something caught our fancy. There were hills and shadows and all sorts of pretty but I think the best find of the day was this abandoned salmon pink auto garage. It was pink people. Salmon pink! How awesome is that?
While the mister kept an eye out in the sun, Adrianna and I s l o w l y crept inside taking cautious photos here and there and only startling once when a cat appeared out of nowhere. It was rickety and crickety inside as the wind blew the tin this-way and that but the light was so pretty. A meadowlark camped out on the tippy-top of the building sing-songing away as we took picture after picture of the dark and dusty space.
I can't tell if the artist of these stars was going for anarchy or spooky devil stuff, either way it cracked me up. We need some original taggers to make their way here don't ya think?


  1. what an adventure!

    i wonder if this is them:

    and this is interesting (Mormons --who knew?):

  2. I'm not really big on salmon pink...but I like that doorknob picture.