Monday, November 01, 2010

sweet, sweet november: my favorite fall songs

I'm not sure if you remember this or not but the mr. a-go-go & I packed up our tiny casa back in May and hit the road for three months. Most everything we own is now stacked to the rafters in the mama a-go-go's garage and we're bunking it at the family a-go-go's homestead. When fall hits, the first thing I do is dig up my fall playlist that has pretty much remained the same for the past five or so years. It lives happily on my itunes on the mac-a-go-go which is now hibernating in one of those durn boxes. I transferred a whole lotta my music to the laptop for the road trip but then the hardrive to a flying leap and we had to replace it with an empty vessel. I've been checking out cds right and left from our tiny local library and let's just say the tunes are vastly different. Not bad by any means, just lacking in my comfort tunes. If I had all my comfort tunes I could easily compile a fall playlist but since I don't I have to make up a new one. You might wonder how hard can it be but I promise you I have quite a musical library, maybe not quite as large as someone else I know (yes you ms. marielle) but it is pretty decent.

When the temps drop and the leaves turn and the light changes I dig out the Nick Cave, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and such. Here's a tiny list of some of my favorite fall warned, I can get kinda mushy and melancholy in the fall...

*all my little words: the magnetic fields
*if you want to sing out: cat stevens
*slip sliding away: paul simon
*tattoo: petra haden
*nobody's baby now: nick cave
*sweepstakes prize: mirah
*another sunny day: belle & sebastian
*stupid memory: sondre lerche
*margaret vs pauline: neko case
*the organ donor's march: vermillion lies


  1. Ooooh good list! If you need any tunes I have all of Neko's tunes and would share with you since I know you have it in storage somewhere... Just say the word and a series of CDs could be at your doorstep by week's end. :) (I get moody too in fall and out of the blue was frantically looking for an old B-side of Tori Amos singing A Case of You. And once I found it.. ahhhhhh... relief!)

  2. aw megan, methinks that would be MOST awesome! i have all her cds and yep, all in storage. ;)

  3. Greeblygreebly7:39 AM

    Cat Stevens is one of my all time favourites, "Footsteps in the Dark" is just awesome from start to finish.

  4. i love paul simon and slip slidin away is perfect but i think i'll have to investigate these other songs --