Wednesday, November 03, 2010

sweet (sweet} november: day 3

Lately it seems I'm a bit mad for yo yos. I think it is because crafting is in my blood and even though I currently appear to be lacking in crafting space I still need to do something. Yo yo making is a super easy take-along craft, if you shell out for some yo yo makers it is even easier. I have a few makers but they're somewhere in the garage so I have been whipping these out old school. They don't take long but they do take long enough, it all depends on how much of a perfectionist you are. Here I have, just for you a fall pretty wreath you can make for yourself or as a gift. All you have to do is rethink up your colors and bits and you can make a wreath for every holiday!

*woven stick wreath from craft store
*acrylic paint
*container of water
*handful of handmade yo yos
*hot glue gun & hot glue
*fall leaf sprig from craft store

Craft it up:

To make your yo yos, you can use a yo yo maker like this or you can do them by hand. If using a maker, you'll want a few different sized bits and they will come with templates so use those as your guide. Otherwise, hunt out a variety of bowls and glasses (or use a handy compass) to create your templates. When making yo yos, don't forget that the actual yo yo will be MUCH smaller than your original template so don't go too small. Check out this awesome tutorial on Heather Bailey's blog.Paint your wreath. I used a happy green acrylic paint and painted the front side of my wreath making sure to keep my brush wet so as not to dry out the paint. I did one coat but if you want a shiny, glossy wreath, do two coats and seal with something shiny like a Mod Podge, etc. Allow for drying time though. Mod Podge takes a while to dry while the acrylic took but a few minutes (about 15).

Disassemble your fall sprig by pulling the leaves and bits off of the stem or cutting them. You can get uber crafty and make your own leaves from newspaper like Alisa Burke or maybe some felted sweater leaves like these from Design Sponge but I think the simplicity of the fabric/plastic leaves enhances the handmade yo-yos.Gather up your yo-yos and fall bits. Plug in the glue gun and as it heats up, play with the whole shebang to see what tickles your fancy. Go for one side at the top and cluster all that happy for maximum effect.Once you're delighted, glob on a bit of hot glue to each piece and wait a moment for it to gel then gently adhere to the wreath. Take your time and be careful, hot glue is very HOT. Layer up and take it can always add more later but removing bits may be more difficult. Once everything is set and you have banished all those gluey threads, loop a length of ribbon, string or wire through the back, hang in a happy place and admire (wearing !

I hope you like my happy little fall wreath and I hope it inspires you to make something. If you make a wreath this week (any kind of fall wreath) send me a link and/or a pic and I'll make sure to post it here. You can also add it to the flickr group and don't fergit to pop on over to the pink couch to see if Tara has any little bit of pretty to share.


  1. oh, the humble yoyo. i love them ever so.

  2. Ohhh we used to be livejournal friends! Just the other day I thought about you, I'm so glad I found your blog! :D

  3. thank you ladies1 now go make some yo yos!

    hi andrea! what was yer LJ name?

  4. how adorable! im going through a yoyo phase myself...

    your ideas are super cute!

  5. thank you! yo-yos are definitely an easy and addicting bit of craftiness.