Saturday, July 24, 2010

the long long road

we've been spending QUITE a bit of time on the road that most all of our planned visits and meet ups are done it is time to head for home...the long way at least. we're still hoping to hit Portland, Or so portland peeps, gimme a shout if yer in town and up for a visit. you'll be our last stop before we begin a new chapter in central california.
until then we will camp and drive...and drive and camp...
and hopefully hit up a cheapo motel-o once in awhile...
and find ACTUAL state signs to smile in front of...
and maybe stop for ice cream...
happy trails!


  1. chrissy7:07 PM

    where are you going to live on the central coast?! yay! i live in SB!

  2. yay! we'll be in SLO.