Monday, July 05, 2010

the fourth of july is not just for fireworks

we're in New England right now and will be in Canada in a couple of days. we're nearing the middle of the trip and boy have we had some ups and downs. thankfully the ups are much more up than the downs have been downs and when you throw them all together this trip is a lot like the long long trailer with a bit of national lampoon's thrown in. chaos! we've gone through yet another air mattress, stupid allergies, road trip snippiness and ridiculous giggles. the bugs have stopped biting but there was an incident with a dog and my knee...youch! we now appear to be somewhat tannish even with all the sunscreen and even though we haven't hiked in a while we did manage to throw in a bike ride thanks to the magic of modern medicine and antibiotics.

yesterday was the fourth of july and we woke up extra early to see some new england sites.
we walked along a bridge of flowers.
eye spied some glacial potholes.
visited a gorge.
lunched in north hampton.
got snake happy with young uns.
watched a beautiful sunset.
and ended the evening with fireworks...of course.

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