Sunday, September 13, 2009

thanking outloud

thank you all for taking the time to think and write out a comment on my previous post on choices. so many of you wrote and commented about my blathering on in the grocery store that i wanted to respond to you and i haven't figured out an easy way to do so here on blogger so you get this post instead...(p.s. there are thank you's out there for my fellow hoarders as well, keep reading!)

i have to say that it feels tremendous to know i am not alone in my kookiness. i like that i am in good company to my rambling thoughts and mumbling to myself tendencies. phew!

*hugs to you nessie, i hope your weekend and future weekends are always magical. let's keep with the tiny to make BIG change! the shop is going to be ccrap that no one needs but when yo usee it, you will NEED it!

*goosie-here's to small change and thinking and sharing and like-minded peeps. hugs to you!

*ah cathy! i speak of a rant i have in my head all the time but since i am not a parent i fear i cannot say it outloud. it irks me and throws me into a downward spiral when people point out that fact to me. yer right, i am not a parent but i am a mother at heart and a smart cookie to boot. keep up your rants for me! blogger power!

*susan-thank you. now that i have put the words out there. i chastise myself with each touch of a product. no matter what it is. it doesn't keep me from poor choices but it keeps me from thinking about them more. as for the purge, that is exactly what i am doing. i think the biggest issue is that most of these things belonged to my mother and with her gone, i miss her too much. each object has meaning to me. i know she is in my heart but sometimes a jar full of dollie heads is better...;)

*vone-stacey and i often talk about the bubbles we live in. some bubbles are all for making biggee bubbles. i just hope those can attach to the tiny ones. we need bigger bubbles. we need more shouting out of the domino effect, the butterfly effect and the zipper effect. thank you!

*oh amber! love what you wrote and posted! sometimes i am fierce in this thinking and other times i think "i'll be gone soon so what is the point?" gotta keep looking at the big picture I want to see, not the one everyone else is trying to make me see. and while i would have loved to jam that cigarette into his nostril, i know that he still would not change. sigh. doesn't mean i didn't want to. :) and yes, i need to clean and purge so badly otherwise it will be a repeat of cleaning out my mom's and grandma's...and i don;t have any kids to do it for me!

*dkzody-excess is evil. i'm still in the throes. i did find a website listing dairies that use glass bottles. it's just rewrapping my head around the cost. as i type this, the mister is planting the fall garden so with luck we won't need a csa but when the sister a-go-go had one, we rocked some awesome new tastes! isn't is amazing that they are out there? we're already in a small apartment so downsizing to make it less is my goal. i think that if i can knock it down to having ap lace for everything and to only keep what has a place, i can do it. even if it does mean getting rid of my venus de milo salt & pepper shakers. sigh. you can do it!

*yvonne-hugs and squeezes to you! i always love your words. these are so similar to what i hear from myself everyday. we just gotta try, right?

*Ainslie-that's me, addled yet lucd or at least i try to be...lucid that is. the addleness sometimes takes over. thank you for your words,we can only keep on keeping on. right?

*rozetta-i know! why does that happen? i hoard and hoard and hoard and then i get rid of it and sure enough, a week or so later i have just the thing that NEEDS it! aack!

*IamSusie-thank you...i think i am afraid of making room for more! heehee!

*sachitea-zameander has been an amazing source of support and creativity in helping me purge. yes, having someone help is a great gift. a GREAT GIFT! yes, like a sliding puzzle only right now i only have a few numbers lined up. i think if i can just get one more, things will click into place! good luck on your purge..vent away here if you need to!

*Silencer-yes, a second hand is the best thing possible. yay for getting your closet done! make sure that you don;t enable another hoarder when it comes time to clean out yer craft space. they'll take everything and then you'll be helping her clean and you'll bring everything back! aack! :)

*jasmine-it's like we're pinballs destined to bounce along in a machine with no let up. aack! sending you good thoughts to get through it all!

*libby-we are the best at multi-tasking, right? how is the quilt coming along? i wanna see it! sending you good cleaning can do it and then we can have Portos!

*Stephanie-i never did make the muffins, i was good and made dinner instead. but yes, the kitchen counter needs to be clean as well as the bed made and i feel like i didn't lose the battle alltogether. phew! thank you!

*cindy-pull up a chair and i'll serve you up something cool to drink and we can cheer each other on in the purge. yer are right, it ain't easy at all! do you need someone to bug ya? i will....;)

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  1. Hey Sweetie! I love how you play with food!