Tuesday, September 01, 2009

of smoke and ash and small joyful things

it's not even 9am and already i am hot. the tiny casa is a stifling pile of clutter and it is too hot to even think about rearranging the living room. the windows are to remain closed all day due the the smoke and ash from the fire. my eyes are stinging, my chest is heavy with smoke and i can't help thinking that if i feel this way as far away as i am, how on earth are those who are much closer dealing with it? this darn fire. if only it burned fifteen years ago. we still haven't heard word about the mama a-go-go's house. thankfully everyone has been moved out for a while now but still, the not knowing is a whole new feeling of odd.if i can remain distracted from my discomfort i may be able to get some crafting done. soon it will be too hot to have the computer on so i must get all my blogging, reading and writing out of the way if i want to feel productive. this morning i woke up early to finish one article so that is a check off my list. yay! this is one of those moments when i think how nice it would be to own a laptop. usually i am thinking how nice would it be if i had this jacket or these boots or a press pot or another room in the casa. today i would be happy with air conditioning or a laptop or even a really large iced coffee.the light outside is a very eerie shade of pink and the sunrise this morning was quite stunning. when i went outside to put my laundry in the dryer (no line drying right now) i stopped to take a picture of it and noticed ash blowing all around. they estimate a containment of the fire by the 15th. i can't imagine two more weeks of this. i feel for those who are much closer and whose homes are threatened.with all this heavy air and heavy thinking i am looking for those little joyful moments to carry me through the day. there isn't really much i can do but i can can keep my eyes open for the pretty light of the day, a happy taste of homemade grape juice and the pretty pictures in a new magazine.i hope you all have a good day today. a moment of pretty, a good cup of coffee, a hug from a loved one and a good hearty laugh is what i look forward to every day. happy september!


  1. good luck! i just keep hearing about the fires on the news and it makes me feel very badly for those in the midst of it...

  2. those boots rock! your casa and surrounding casas are so charming~

  3. This post - I enjoyed. The fires. How are you all doing with them (still raging even as I type this)? Is it just me or have there been more summertime blazes happening in so-Cal in recent memory? H-m-m-m. Whenever I think of home, the fires…I don't miss one bit! But…a chocolate malt from In-and-Out - I do! Keep it calm, cool and collected.