Friday, September 04, 2009

gardens a-go-go

a few weeks ago i was invited to a lovely flickr luncheon. i really wanted to bring something along that i loved, loved making and came from the heart. since i am currently (not exactly) working on the great casa purge i thought it would be best and most creative to use what i had. for the most part i did. i ended up picking up some wee doilies from the fabric store because my vintage doilies are tucked away in one of the many, many boxes that are crowding the tiny casa.

i know it is not news to anyone that i am part crafty girl, part hippie, part dreamer and part pack rat. even when i purge i find i need, need, NEED that old camera or clown vase or cigar box. i do, i really do. and as it happens, mr. a-go-go was furiously working on purging his father's garage of all its goodies, stuff, crap and junk that i couldn't NOT pounce on the two dozen or so small glass vials with plastic lids now could i? when the mister hollered "what do you need all that for?" i reminded him that i would find a use or give 'em away and besides "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it!" with a roll of his eyes and a flapping of his arms he scurried away. probably to hide any other jek happy trinkets (aka junk) i might want to drag home.

so here i had a box full of glass bottles. such happy glass bottles. and i had no clue as to what i was going to do. i passed along a few here and there and still there were bottles aplenty, bottles galore. as the luncheon date drew nearer i decided i wanted to give the gift of the garden a-go-go and i thought i would use gift tins for the seeds and then as it happens, i was reminded of my glass bottles as i stubbed my foot on the box as it lay prone on the kitchen floor, tucked sort of into a corner near the cat's dish, the fizz water and another box of the same size only filled to the brim with dusty glass test tubes (i know!).

so here is what i did. thank goodness for seeds, glass bottles, vintage costume jewelry & E6000!


  1. Im glad you didn't let mr a-go-go chuck those little bottles! There have been many many times Ive wished I had just such a bottle. I love what you did with them, also-- nice work!
    ps have a super duper road trip!

  2. i love that sock monkey apron!

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    i am a happy hoarder. please feel free to send me anything you want to purge that is creative, whimsical, crafty, colorful, kitschy or fun! plus i teach art to kids! with hoardy goodness,