Thursday, May 28, 2009

call us crazy

but we're going camping this weekend to a place where it the daytime temp will be at least ninety degrees. i can't wait! not actually a big fan of heat as it makes me feel sluggy and sickish but i do love me a road trip and camping with the mister. since we're staying two nights i am bringing a tablecloth and some other happy, pretty things to make our camp look more a-go-go. there will be quilts involved and perhaps some happy pillows and most definitely the ukes and a deck of cards and some music.
we'll be frugaling it on he road which means we splurge on our usual campout/road trip snacks like peppered salmon and dried fruit and hot dogs from joe's. i'm making up a loaf of gingerbread as well and we have the fixins for s'mores and hot chocolate though this time around i didn't get my act in gear to make up our own chocolate mix. i'll do that for the next trip.when we a-go-gos go we like to leave super early and noodle along. sometimes i'll yelp out food places and look for points of interest by using flickr as a search tool. we often stop for photo ops and overall it is pretty easy going. the ipod is loaded up with audio books from both david and amy sedaris as well as oodles of podcasts from npr. when we travel through icky cities we listen to music and such when the scenery is pretty we drive along in quiet. it's a good thing we get along and balance each other out. we hit the hay early but we wake up before sunrise so we get to see all the pretty morning. when there is shade, we definitely nap and if there is water we take a plunge.
i can't wait! are there any tried and true traditions you have when you hit the road or camp out? the pics are from various road trips...just to make this look al ittle more interesting.


  1. great pictures, the last two esp.!

    We always get triscuits, cheese, hummus and baby carrots to snack on. We do the same thing with the music. Seems like we usually load up on the music and then never listen to it!


  2. HEY! Some old Nervous people started a new mailart site- go join!

  3. I grew up backpacking in the high country of the Sierras. So gorgeous and peaceful, sleeping on solid granite, hanging food in trees from bears, drinking out of streams, watching 10 billion stars at night, carrying what felt like 200 pounds on my back, walking in silence and now wishing my back could still do this. We carried in homemake frozen stew for one dinner and ate trail mix and salami and cheese on the trail, trust me I could have eaten almost anything from all the work. We always stopped for a burger, fries and a milkshake at the first chance coming home and it was the best ever because we had definitely earned it.
    I never did like camping, but you have the most happy amazing attitude and plans, I wish I were there.
    Have a great time as always.

  4. Have fun have fun! I'm following your lead. We've gotta get outa Dodge!