Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blogging for blogging's sake

sometimes i think that the grand moments in a day are so perfectly perfect that i will always remember them and then, a moment passes or a day or a month and i find that they slip through and fade away. i think i need to remind myself more often of the simple, everyday things that make my life sing. i'll be posting more moments like that here so that i won't forget.

for now i want to remember lazy sweet conversations with friends as we sit on slightly damp grass with our hair being tickled by the breeze. the sweet "slurp, slurp" sound of a tiny Bea drinking her pretend tea. the ultra bright renderings of breakdancing cupcakes, tree gnomes and roller skating fezzes of an eight year old genius, and the slightly manic, always amusing motions of everyday chores as executed by this lady who is a star in my book, a magnificent beglittered star complete with sparkly birds, green forest fauna and an apronful of laughter and smiles. i adore you.


  1. i'm totally digging the gnome...

  2. I wish my flowers were that big and I had a little girl to pick some for me! Guess I'll have to make cupcakes and just pretend they are breakdancing!

  3. That was a fun day. I wish we could've stayed longer. Let's do it again soon.

  4. whow! sounds dreamy.........

  5. Oh darlingest, jek...
    I adore you too. Thank you for bringing the wee party to my house, and for dawdling whilst I scurried around, and for letting me bask in your sparkliness long enough to feel somewhat beglittery.
    Mwah always,

  6. Hope you guys have a great time.
    You should try a roasted marshmallow in between an oreo. Yummy!!!