Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sleepy sleepiness

it was the kind of morning where sleep couldn't be kicked off like covers that lay upon me. the covers couldn't even be kicked off. they held me down in a tangled embrace, keeping me warm and snug and safe from the early morning cold.it was the kind of snug that lulls you into a sleep so deep that when you finally push your way to the surface yours eyes refuse to stay open. lids heavy with cozy sleep, blink, blink, blink their way open only to seal up for another hour whilst you dream of vintage kitchens and submarines that nest under your home. it was the kind of snug sleep in a cold, cold room that keeps you in one position for hours on end. generally, i skip about as i sleep moving from one dream to the next. sometimes i follow the dream of the mister and sometimes he gently nudges me out of a good snore. generally there is movement and dance and a search for a cold spot for my feet to feel free. last night was one of those nights where the chill kept my nose cold and i cocooned myself up so that i didn't move until morning. until after the alarm went off....twice. i slept so deeply, so heavily that my ear was angry from all the pressure it felt. my knee was hollering for its wonky state and the blanket creases that party on my skin partied so hard they refuse to go home. it was a good sleep. a deep sleep. a sleep that was hard to rise from.and then the buzz saws turned on.

so, good sleep or not, i am up and ready for a fabulous day. the clouds are not as dark as yesterday, the ground outside is dry and i have a day scheduled with a favorite person and we are going to smile ourselves silly. i hope your sleep was good, your morning better and your day the best it can be.

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