Wednesday, February 25, 2009

nifty thrifty

i don't think we truly realize how much the environment around us affects our mood. that said, the construction is still going on and i have been heavy with the ickiest of moods lately. the dark and gloomy kind full of moments where you think maybe you can live under the bed and with any luck maybe i can disappear. sigh. it isn't fun but it is real and i hate these feelings of ick and uncaring. i feel like i'm not breathing deep enough and i am so very tired for no real reason other than my small world around me is unpleasant. unfortunately, when this a-go-go girls gets blue, she goes shopping (or she eats lucky charms, or maybe she does both, shh.) so last week i hit a couple of local thrifts and picked up some color filled trinkets. here's what i found:this fisher price clock, which i had as a child and was told that my father took a hammer to it when i wouldn't stop winding it up. i'm not sure if that is true or not. i'm only certain that i had it and then i didn't and i come from a family that doesn't generally throw anything away.a small book filled with color images of Klee's work. I do art with children where we put together projects "in the style of" famous artists. these post-card sized images will be great for inspiration. also, a most fabulous and totally "jek" doily. it's orange and blue! how perfect for me is that? pictured here as well is a wool felt runner i got for $3 that i can cut up for other projects and a vintage apron tribute to all the Jewish holidays. the apron is reversible and sooooo cool! i already have a few friends who want to borrow it for seder and such.finally, a small stack of fabrics and prints. on top there is a set of vintage pillowcases, followed by a blouse i can wear and a skirt i cannot. the flashy fabric on the bottom is a part of a kooky patchwork lap quilt. i think the fisher price clock cost more than this small stack of stuff but ultimately, all the goodies cost me just under $20! how's that for a thrift score?


  1. Ahhh we had that clock too! I love those old Fisher Price toys.

  2. What a perfect way to escape a little, ;-) I am jealous because round here we don´t have any thrift stores. And then, I also like your children art project. I know kids love things like that since even my son has fun doing it(he is not too much into art, but, he is realy good in it - how could that be?)

  3. Wow...great finds! Oh, how I wish I can go thrifting...but alas, I can not. I have things I have to pay for every week...and not enough money to pay for them! haha

  4. Looks like you found some great stuff. I like that doily! and the clock of course.

  5. All the colors are so you. Bursts of sunshine! I'm sorry you feel icky. Spring is on the way and we'll all be perky again.
    I love the clock story! My dad did that to a Bedknobs and Broomsticks record we had when were little. He said it was just too much for him to listen to again or he'd have to start drinking! I bought another one a few years ago. I still love it!

  6. I have our old clock too, I love the song :) I was looking for an mp3 of it online!

  7. gwensmom-isn't the clock the best? i love it!

    AnnLuise-thank you. maybe your son finds art too easy and prefers to be challenged? give him some time who knows? :)

    ashleyrwatts-yes, thrifting is a true treat! it's prolly a good thing they usually only except cash becasue then i go with a small amount and have to really decide how much i want something and why.

    Lynn-the doily is sooo me, i love it!

    Cathy-what's up with Dads smashing our things? Bad Dads!

    Monica-oooh and mp3 would be fabulous!