Friday, February 06, 2009

a day like any other day

it's one of those days where i am hop, hop, hopping from one project to another while ignoring the projects that really need to be finished you know, like school work. i have four papers to write to prove i qualify for two specializations on my degree. instead i sit here type, type, typing away watching Nick Cave videos and waiting for a citrus rosemary poundcake to come out of the oven. i am a professional procrastinator!

it has been raining nonstop since yesterday. the wet has not deterred the construction guys from hammering away all around me. it is loud and cacophonous but somehow, with the pittering of the downpour i don't mind it as much today. or maybe it is because Nick Cave is crooning In the Ghetto to me and i am remembering my teary heartfelt sobs when i first heard Elvis sing it back when i was six years old or so. i've always held oodles of empathy inside today, i woke up around 6:30 to see mr. a-go-go off to work. i skipped on over to the sewing machine and stitched up bits of four dilly bags for a possible consignment deal. i also posted a few items to the shop, swept the floor, read a zillion blogs, added a crafty post to scrumdilly-do, updates my Amazon shop for valentine's day, took oodles of notes for things i want to be making and whipped up some batter for two poundcakes.and now, since i have finished my lunch of a delicious smoothie, string cheese and bread and jam i think i will turn this machine off and actually complete something on the big to-do list! besides, witch-baby is meowing up a whiny storm and i still need to go to the market to get snacks for my class tomorrow. i love rainy days!

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  1. You have had a busy day. What kind of pound cakes?! I love reading your blog and I gave you an award. Head over to my blog and read all about it.