Saturday, January 31, 2009


liquid skywhen mr. a-go-go & i were in death valley, we happened across a smattering of sand duney dreaminess. it was just before sunset and the temperatures was almost perfect. i donned a dreamy four dollar skirt and jump up and down and all over town from one sand dune to the next. the mister took picture after picture after picture of me almost according to my direction. this one here, this one is one of my favorites. one of many yes, but isn't this just dreamy?

happy almost february! stay tuned for a lot of pink and love and hugs and sweets. there may even be a give away or two but only if i can get them wrapped up and in an envelope before i even shout it out. i want to be able to mail everything in a timely manner...ahem.


  1. ohh!! that is *such* a gorgeous photo x ten!!!!