Tuesday, January 27, 2009

oh but a dream

a few weeks ago, the mister and i headed up to San Luis Obispo to visit with the rest of the family a-go-go. there was a birthday party to attend to and then there was food, debate, laughter and walking. after a wee hike up near an almost empty creek, we ventured out to a place called Old Edna for a bite to eat.Old Edna isn't simply a place or a shop. it is a tiny postage stamp of a town. the building in which the deli and antique store nestle is an old timer.meet old edna dotted here and there around the old timer is a smattering of tiny cottage shacks with wide open doors that beckon you to enter.fine dining vintage tablecloths tacked up against old dusty windows dance in the breeze as the planks of the old wood floors groan under your feet.wouldn't it be great...filtered sun each shack has a wee dining set for you to enjoy along with a view of the township.a perfect placebicycles lean against white picket fences and there is a large red hen that scratch, scratch, scratches the dusty ground and a gypsy wagon that hides behind a quaint B&B.gypsy dreamswe sat on the deck and enjoyed our sandwiches before i noticed the shacks all about. the open air and breeze were delightful for lunch but for tea...i would want to sit here and wile away until the sun set. Old Edna, i think i like you.


  1. Old Edna is lovely!
    are those shacks vaca rentals?

  2. thank you! the shacks are very small little dining rooms...;)