Monday, November 24, 2008

the week in review: november 17-23

Getting back into the life of the a-go-gos back home in the tiny casa. The trip to Portland was fabulous and more on that soon, last week was delightfully uneventful. I went to class and we played some games. I baked and listed goodies in the shop. I even got to visit with some fabulous favorite people and then the mister & I helped pack up a U-haul for the mama & big sister a-go-go as they will be heading north very very soon.

This week is school, appointments and turkey day! I will be making homemade rosemary, apricot stuffing, black pepper scones and roasted apples, taters & onions. We will stuff ourselves silly and then watch all the Rankin-Bass we can handle. Have I told you I have already started up the holiday music? Hope you all have a most marvelous week. Click here for a larger view of the mosaic.


  1. I love Rankin-Bass. I want their graphics to be the sub-titles to my life! And I'd like to be claymation.

  2. You must be the best auntie to have. Seriously.