Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Baking

Awhile back on Bread and Honey I read about baking wee yellow cakes inside a hollowed out orange. Bread & Honey is one of my favorite reads especially with the weather finally turning here in Los Angeles. Gray skies? No worries, I'll bake! Booming thunder and a downpour? I'll bake! I don't really need an excuse to bake but there is a whole lot of inspiration to be found with the Bread and Honey gals.

Enough of the blog lurve though, When Alicia posted about the campfire cakes I immediately wanted to try it. There being no camp outs in our immediate future, I made plans to remember to make them once we were out in the wild. In the meantime, the mister and I experimented with car cooking (more about that later) and found that the campfire cakes are best made in a campfire.

Before we did the experimentation however, I had to prep the oranges and since we were only going to bake two of the cakes, I needed to put the remainder of the batter into the oven as I didn't wish to waste it. Never being one for doing anything quite normally, I had an idea. An idea to expand on the campfire cakes. I stood there in the tiny kitchen staring off into space when my eyes focused on a pair of tiny pumpkins. What would happen if I baked the cake in the pumpkins? People make soup in pumpkins all the time right? At least, Martha does.I retrieved the wee squash from the shelf in front of the kitchen window and did the best damage I could to their insides. Those little guys are tough. Super tough. I scraped and cleaned and cleaned and scraped out all the ooey bits until I had enough room to add the batter. Giddy with the idea of success I danced about the tiny kitchen as I poured the batter in. With a dash of cinnamon on top I whisked the dynamic duo into the oven with fingers crossed double time. When Stacey arrived for a wee coffee break she exclaimed over the sweet cakey scent. We flung ourselves onto the smooshy sofa to chat, chat, chat away until the ping of the chicken timer clucked that baking time was over. I held my breath as I opened the oven door and then groaned and giggled over the mess. The batter had oozed itself out all over the pumpkins and as it oozed it baked. With a shrug I removed the ooey bits and plopped the cakes onto their very own plates. With a dash of spice and a flourish I presented them to my guest and we dove in. It worked, they were baked and they were good. Stacey deemed her wee pumpkin tasty and scraped away at the spicey rind. Succcess!It worked and it was tasty but here is what I will do differently. I will pour less batter into the pumpkin, about a cupcake's worth and I will add a smidge of melted butter with a sprinkling of sugar and spice. Hopefully these tiny changes will make for an extra adorable, wee pumpkin baked cake. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yum! What a great idea!

  2. wow, this is awesome! now i want to try this, too!