Sunday, June 08, 2008

I got my CRAFT on, did you?

Whoo-whee! I just got back from the summer CRAFT Magazine release party and boy howdy, am I tired! We had a lot of fun snip, snip, snipping away the most gloriously colorful felt squares to create one of a kind flower clips for our shoes! We snipped, we designed, we snacked and we glued ourselves silly. If you made it out to Reform School, we hope you had a blast! If you didn't, don't miss out on the next release party wherever it may be.Happy crafting!


  1. How fun! I haven't done anything like that in forever.

  2. AAK! Those black shoes you are wearing!
    What kind are they?
    I've seen them before and no amount of "googling" has helped me in my search, and behold I hop on Craftzine and find your (super cute) photo. Would you mind dropping by my blog and leaving the name brand of those shoes? Please, oh pretty, pretty please?
    Thanks so much.
    PS: CUTE clips!!

  3. You two are adorable!!

  4. Damian Crowley7:57 PM

    WOW you DO look like long gone john (sans the beard) in that picture!!!!

  5. Is that you in that classic MOSTBESTFAVORITEBEAUTIFUL MArimekko dress with the pockets?
    I get more and more fond of you by each posting! Sorry for never commenting - I promise to change it. Now!

  6. I'm working at home today and decided to take a little Scrumdilly break. You've got all sortsa goodness going on lately. What are using to clip these onto your shoes, Jek?

  7. thanks folks! the shoe clips are sho clips and you can get them at crafty type stores online. the clips we used came from Moskatels and were very old but they are out there. they kinda look like clip on earrings only with teeth!