Sunday, June 01, 2008

The art of DOING...or not...

Do you ever have those days where you really itch to create or at least DO something but you don't have any room left in your brain for putting things into steps so you sit and mope or sulk and then end up feeling even worse than you started? Today was (almost) one of those days...I really felt the need for DOING so I swept the floor (there's a lot of cat hair in the tiny casa). While the casa looked infinitely better with a clean floor I still needed to DO, so then I washed the dishes. That was doing something but not really something that feels fruitful. We had a bag of lemons from Mama a-go-go's garden calling my name so I made some mint lemonade. I always get a kick out of taking scissors to the garden and hunting for pretty herbs and flowers to MAKE with. This batch of lemonade has two kinds of mint (spear and chocolate), and some lemon balm. Icy cold and perfectly tart. Yum! After the lemonade was made, I cut fabric for a lucky parcel swap and the mister and I played with pop-beads. While pop, pop, popping away I remembered I wanted to eat samosas this week and we didn't have any raita made. Back into the kitchen I went to chop, chop, chop cucumber and garlic. By the time that was done some friends came by and we ventured out for french fries.Back at home I still felt itchy so I plugged in the iron and cut fabric and prepped pieces to turn into trinket bags for the shop. In the middle of all the prep work the bug kitty caught a birdie that we had to attend to.After that, some time was spent on the floor of the casa watching the mad mockingbirds dive bomb the bug. So, it looks like I managed to DO something after all. Now it is time for a green tea popsicle.I hope you had an itch free day or at the very least you DID something fruitful for you. Happy June!


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    your hair is looking super cute!

  2. Anonymous4:59 AM

    eek! All my days lately feel like 'no more room in my head days' spent restless and ultimately unproductive. Right now I'm grading essays which is good to get done with but not very satisfying.

    I wanna MAKE something...

    Cute you in that picture

    Rachael from Palmerston North

  3. Great idea--I used to grow chocolate mint but never thought to add it to lemonade! Maybe I'll go grab some of my spearmint for drinks tonight...