Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Is it wrong that I woke up this morning craving graham crackers with cool whip and m&m's? Not only did I wake up craving my most favorite bad for you snack ever but I craved it in the manner in which I used to snack it...with a viewing of Teletubbies. I do adore me the Teletubbies. The first year at least, back before they crammed all the episodes into their own version of a NuNu only to be regurgitated out over and over again in the same but slightly different episodes.

I miss the theme song and the "Uh-Ohs!" and Dipsy's funky soul brother dance moves. I miss the fighting over the Tutu and Lala's Isadora Duncan tribute. I miss the "run aways" and the slightly H.G. Wells feeling of it all. I once read an excellent paper someone wrote comparing the Teletubbies and their environment to the Morlocks and the Eloi of The Time Machine. So fabulous! I know there are many people who are fearful of the whole Teletubby phenomenon but I just loved the design of the characters and the colors. From a child development point of view, while I don't think watching television under the age of two is a good idea, if a child were to watch, Teletubbies was in fact developmentally appropriate no matter how freakish you think it may be. Of course parents wouldn't like it, it was geared for two year olds! Repetition is your friend when you are two. When yo uare an adult it is a little bit tedious.

It is quite possible you are still thinking "What? Graham crackers with m&ms and Cool Whip?" I know, it sounds like processed food-sugar-overkill and it is. It's also extremely yummy and addicting and the last thing anyone should eat especially when they are couch bound with the evil cold, flu, sick that is circulating. My fingers are twitching. It was an accidental snack based on an event I did for a children's book years and years ago. We needed a snack for the kids and wanted to decorate cookies but realized we did not have the budget to accommodate the more than one hundred kids that generally showed up for my storytime. My partner in crime at the time thought that graham crackers and Cool Whip would be in our price range so we picked up boxes and boxes and sweet cereal and fruit and sprinkles and made it an out and out sugar fest. When it was over, we had some leftovers and I was starving so I topped my cracker with bananas and...ahem...lucky charms and um, m&m's and well, a new addiction was born. It works best if you ice your cracker, sprinkle it with the sweets and then set it aside so that the cracker gets a little soft. Disgusting, I know but really it isn't. Just don't ask the husbandman. He won't even try it, but he is good that way. I generally hit the craving around November and I buy a box of crackers, a tub of the white stuff and a bag of m&ms and eat myself silly until one the packages is empty then I am done. I didn't do it this past November and I'm thinking maybe....you'll still be my friend, right?


  1. Actually I think the teletubbies are weirder than graham crackers with whipped cream and m&m's. It's just a variation on smores! And if it makes you feel better when you are sick then go ahead and eat it.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Gwensmom... cream, crackers and m&m's sounds okay. Teletubbies sound a bit dodgy...haha!

    And we'll always be your friends :P

  3. i ended up making savory muffins and sneaking handfuls of cadbury mini eggs. the sugar prolly isn't helping me get better but darn it tastes good!

    i need some tea. thank you for not abandoning me!

  4. One day I'll have a tea party with you. oh yes.

  5. The "telez" as Jack calls them, are actually one of the better shows on for kids. That sort of quiet repetition was pretty soothing to Jack for awhile, and I dont mind them one little bit.

  6. It's funny that I'm catching up on these posts today - Elliot just saw his first episode of teletubbies! He giggled and was glued to the program for the full 30 minutes, then when sesame street came on after, he was done and back out on the patio playing again. And as for the graham crackers and whipped cream - mmmmmmm top mine with lucky charms please and I'm sooooo there!!!!!!