Friday, April 06, 2007

Photobooth Friday: I see you

photobooth friday: i see you

Oh how I adore polka-dots. Especially red on white polka-dots. I have been looking for a red & white polka dot dress FOREVER and have yet been able to find one that works on my person. Someday. This strip is from my birthday bash last year. I can't wait to do another birthday bash, perhaps next year I will do one at the black and white booth but it isn't as cheap as the old one that is now gone but it is at a bar which may help me get strips of people I don't know...hmmm...I'm not a big fan of sloppy drunken strips when in any moment someone may moon, flash or flip off the camera. Call me a fuddy duddy but I'm not a fan. Happy Friday folks! Don;t forget to check out the other boothers at the Photobooth Friday Flickr group.


  1. That's a fab photo! And your hair looks great red with a fringe :)

  2. acumamakiki10:17 AM

    I likey!! And like you, I'm looking for polka dot dresses, preferably vintage, circa 1940's housedresses. I had 2 that I got rid of in a I must sell my stuff frenzy and I've never gotten over their loss, sigh.