Monday, April 23, 2007

The Week in Review: April 16-22

A busy busy week of dong everything that wasn't on my list! zoinks! I of course am the states best procrastnator and still have oodles of homework to do which means I need to check out of here much earlier than usual. sigh. I just can't get the hang of this student stuff. Today is the ick day of school. I'm there from noon-9:30pm. Double zoinks! So much work to do...."Head, STOP spinning!"

The Dapper boy came to hang out with us for the weekend. We went ot a doger game and spend oodles of coinage on too salt hotdogs. At least I can say I've had a Dodger dog. I now feel like a true Los Angeleno. ctually, more like a sick angeleno. The amount of marketing and advertising at the game made my head spin. Crazy! Saturday was the birthday party for the Bushee Boy who will be three this week. It was a blast and lasted forever! I even helped a friend design and whip up a moo business card! And....I got some cashola thrown my way. Dork! Yesterday we went to hang out with granny. Her roommate went home and she was very attached to her. Granny isn't doing too well these days. Her spirits are sagging and her age is catching up with her. It is heartbreaking. We try our best to make her smile and I suppose that helps but still. Sad. It was a sad wek all around with the other sad news that happened here in the states.

This week I MUST, MUST, MUST write my paper. It is due on Tuesday and I need to start my film class paper also. Sigh. There is a going away shindig for Susan which will be fun but sad because she's leaving L.a. and I have a maybe job "interview" thingie later this week. I also have to find a new dentist, clean, craft and do all that school stuff I've been meaning to do. Hope y'all have a great and color-filled week!

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  1. Love the mosiac! Give Granny hugs for me! Is there anything I can send her from Australia-land to cheer her up?