Monday, February 04, 2013

diy: army of love

I had the idea for htis project back when we still lived in Los Angeles. I got as far as spraypainting my army men but the finished project never happened. This year, I thought it would be perfect for my february bed. Thank goodness for the wood scrap pile behind the mama a-go-go's house! 

I spray painted the army men purchased from the dollar store with multiple coats of florist spray paint, front and back (after a good soak in soapy water). The spray paint doesn't really stick very well but if you can get the whole thing all glued up you should be okay. Maybe good old fashioned regular spray paint would work better? 

I first thought I would glue them onto a painted white board but I liked the way this scrap piece looked and left it as is. I even thought of adding the words army of love underneath the heart but couldn't decide how or what with so I left it. Before you do any arranging or gluing, add a hanging fixture to the back if you wish to hang it on a wall. I forgot to do this part and when I was trying to hammer in a nail, a half dozen fo my army guys popped right off and needed to be reafixed. After you get yer fixture on, arrange your guys into a heart shape and play around with them until you like the way they look.

Heat up your glue gun and get to gluing. Ignore all the thready bits. You can pull them off once everything is set. 

Hang or prop in a happy place and enjoy! 

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