Sunday, February 13, 2011

make a lovely handstitched cloud

Make this sweet little last minute cloud of lurve for your valentine. Pop a magnet inside and you've got a one of a kind sticky bit, add a pin back to turn it into a brooch or do like i did and simply stick a pin through it. It's all sorts of lurvely, don't ya think?
Here's what ya need:
*white felt
*red &pink felt
*2 embroidery needles
*embroidery thread
*silver thread (optional)
*scrap cardstock
*white glue
Draw yourself a wee cloud shape that is three inches across and two inches tall. Keep the bottom flat and line it up with your paper. Three to four cloud bumps look good. If I had a scanner and/or any clue, I would have a PDF for you, sadly, I am clueless. Cut it out.
Grab a piece of white felt or polar fleece. I used a small piece left over from the capelet project. One piece folded over in half is the easiest to work with. Pin cloud pattern to felt lining up bottom edges.
Use your scissors to carefully cut out cloud shape. I did a general cut first then went into the nooks and crannies. Remove pattern and pin your pieces together.
Gather your thread and thread your needle. If using embroidery thread, split you piece into three strands. If using silver thread on a spool, double up your thread then knot it. Use a blanket stitch to whip around the cloudy part of your cloud. Begin by going through just the top piece so your knot will be sandwiched between the two pieces.
When you get to the other side, set it all aside, do knot stitch all the way around yet.
Cut a thin rectangle from your white felt about two inches across. You are going to anchor your hearts to this piece. Get all fancy with your scissors and cut out four teeny-tiny hearts from various shades of pink or red felt.
Poke needle and thread through the rectangle and then weave the needle through the heart from top to bottom. Your aim is to anchor it to the string so that it slides up and down from top to bottom. Leave a long tail with a knot at the end and trim. Repeat for the remaining three hearts.
Slide rectangle with hearts into the cloud. Gently pinch ends closed and continue with you blanket stitch. This part gets a little hairy with all them threads waving all about. Take it slow and loop your blanket stitch as soon as you can to keep dangling threads from getting snagged. If you find it too frustrating, weave a straight-stitch and knot at the end.
Knot up your final stitch and trim with scissors. Stagger your hearts on their individual strings until you like how they look. Add a drop of glue to the top and bottom of each heart. This will keep them from sliding right off. Allow to dry and Happy Valentine's Day!
*If you want to turn it into a magnet, pop the magnet into the cloud along with the heart anchor. For a pin back, either hot glue it when it is all stitched up or dtitch on your pin-back first thing. I myself, kinda like how it looks with a straight pin.


  1. That is so adorable!

  2. OMG! How freakin' cute is that? Love, love, LOVE!!!

  3. this is seriously one of the sweetest things i've seen in a long time!

    just love it! love you.

    creative you are.

    hope life is good!

  4. These are super cute.