Friday, March 14, 2008

photobooth friday: faceless in mary-janes

march challenge: my mary janes
For the March challenge I dug though my box o' strips and pulled this one out. It was taken seven or eight years ago and I wish I still had those shoes. I'm known for my fondness of the strappiness that is a mary jane. There was a time when I had more than nine pair I think. Some of them got too worn to worn out, others I threw away in a fit of purging. I wish I still had them. there were stacked plumb mary janes, blue fuzzy leopard print, black & white zebra striped, clownish reds and even a pair of linen pink ballet flats. Sometimes I'd like to think I am evolving into a more rounded person and maybe I am, I just want to be in happy, strappy shoes.

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