Friday, September 21, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Fifteen Years of Friendship

This picture is from a strip taken in 2005 at my very first birthday bash just a few days before Mister a-go-go and I got married.That's The Leets in there with me, we're doing the platypus pout which never fails to crack us up. Each time we do it, it takes us back to that first time about fifteen years ago. that first time was soooo funny to us probably because we were at work and in the breakroom and this breakroom always managed to make us punch drunk. We had way too much fun in that room. The stories we tell and continue to laugh at make me feel like a lucky girl. This post is for you Leets, I wish I could come with ya to the wee doctor's and hold yer hand or sing or perform kicks from West Side story for you. I'm sending along good vibes and channeling Santa-b who wants me to tell you "brrrrrokh!"

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