Monday, September 24, 2007

the week in review: september 17-23
Wowza! There was whole lot of somethin' and then a whole lot of nothin' last week. Mostly methinks it is because I am so swell at procrastinating. That darn paper is driving me batty and then of course I remembered that my presentation is coming up also...yikes! which makes this week a week of schoolwork! I had better get off the computer and plan my presentation...but first let me share a little of what went down last week. You can click on the link to find out more about the pics if ya like.

Let's see, there was crafting and writing and a wee bit o' baking. There was mulch getting and a rainstorm followed movie watching and gingerbread eating. There were family visits and friendly visits and touristy stuff like museum going and t.v. show tapings. There were packages sent and packages received and oodles and bunches of monkey making. The mister and I, along with Jenny from Felt Club spent a day at the Los Angeles County Fair chatting up folks about the fine art of monkey making, the wonders of Craft magazine and the delightfulness of Felt Club. We talked monkeys, we made monkeys and we crafted up a sock critter storm with a most nifty crowd of youngsters. After the crafting we wandered the fair like silver balls in a pinball machine. We were jostled left, bounced right and shot all the way up to the barn where we saw baby goats, piglets and wee little lambs. It was so very nifty and there were all sorts of chickens! Yay for chickens! I'll upload pics at some point. Overall, last week was mighty busy and I can;t wait for a week of nothing. This week won't be it...drats!

Happy almost October folks!


  1. Great to hear the monkey fun went well.
    Hooray for chickens!!!

  2. Hey, love the blog!! We make Plushie things too!!

  3. Ack, I completely missed the LA fair again this year, we were out of town this time. I've got FeltClub marked and reserved on my calendar though, I can't wait!