Monday, September 17, 2007

The Week in Review: September 10-16

The Week in Review: September 10-16

Last week was a week of crafting and cleaning with a little bit of friend fun squeezed in. Phew! This week will be much of the same with a lot of writing thrown in for school. I've been busy stitching up a storm and dreaming up other things to make. The casa is a disaster of precarious piles of fabric and ribbon tumbling about. There are probably oodles of pins and needles in the sofa and of course I keep misplacing the scissors. At least, the weather is changing which makes for a more difficult wake up in the morning. Why should I wake up so early when the air is just chill enough to stay burrowed in the warm covers? Not to mention the fabulously bizarre dreams I've been having with cars falling from the sky and crazy bookstore managers yelling at me whilst the car is careening towards my head of all places. This break in the heat also makes it possible to bake, bake, bake away! Yay! I love baking and can't wait to try this cake.

There was no traveling this weekend other than errands. The mister and I actually ate all three meals at the table yesterday. How nice was that? We got more mulch for the garden, ate nifty homemade meals and watched a fabulous movie and a very bad movie (I know it was suppose to be cheesy but really, it was just bad. John Waters it ain't). I read a little for school and play and have sheepishly acknowledged that the mister is right, I need a thimble, my thumb is killing me! This week we are prepping for some Felt Club fun at the L.A. County Fair, If you're coming on down on Sunday, check out our Sock Critter demo in the Tapestry Building, we've got itty bitty socks for you to play with!

Have a happy change-of-seasons-kind-of-week!

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