Friday, August 17, 2007

Photobooth Friday: Anniversary

Last Sunday, the mister and I traveled downtown on the subway to celebrate our first meeting five years ago. We went to Grand Central Market for not so veggie friendly Tortas at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas and then we got back on the subway to go to Union Station where we caught the Gold Line and traveled to South Pasadena for a root beer float visit at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy. I had never been to the pharmacy so I of course had EXPECTATIONS and while it is far from lacking, I expected more. It's a classic soda fountain people! Do you really need to sell all that Elvis and Betty Boop stuff? I'll admit they did have some nifty oddball-perfect-for me toys and they had a few glass canisters of retro candy but all I could think of was let me have a go at it, I could make it so, so, so much more nifty! For reals! Enough though, the root beer floats were pretty amazing! HUGE scoops of classic vanilla fitted to the top of a frosty mug with a gap between the ice cream and the root beer so that as the ice cream drips and melts into the soda, the fizz forms and gets all frothy. SWEET! The small stretch of South Pasadena where the train station is is super cute also. Tiny little shops and a couple of antique stores line the street. There's a small museum of sorts that screens outdoor movies on a sheet tacked to it's wall and it has such a nice home town feeling. Ya gotta love the fact that if it weren't for the threat of the freeway expansion (which has been going on for decades) there wouldn't be tiny shops and too expensive homes still in the area. Funny how things work out sometimes.

After out floats we hopped back onto the train and returned to Union Station where we scouted out the photobooth and hoped that it worked and that it liked our beyond wrinkled dollars. We were in luck! This booth had a $2 credit so all we needed to do was pop in a buck and go for it. Mr. A-go-go decided that we would alternate having any expression but his finger in my ear cracked me up and I couldn't remain straight faced.

The color on the strip is nice and crisp. Inside the booth however was a sign full of "Nos". Who would have thunk it....a photobooth with restrictions...

Anywhoo....we're still having big time DSL problems. Now we are being told it isn't Earthlink but Covad, the company that hosts the service-y stuff. Either way I am frustrated. I want to catch up on blogginess and do some research for secret stuff. A girl can only watch so many movies, embroider so many pillows and go to so many doctor's appointments before she goes stir crazy!

Happy Photobooth Friday folks! Don't forget to check out the Flickr Pool and Ms. Hula's loverly links and such.


  1. well aren't you so fun!!! i really like your blog! (my friend sent me your link cause i LOVE photobooths too!) here's mine if you'd like to visit :)
    (i'm going to a b&w pb tonight :)

  2. That last photo cracked me up! You crazy kids!

  3. happy booth-iversary!!!
    I love the last photo, especially.