Tuesday, August 21, 2007


aka The post in which jek gets all full of herself and stuff.
aka jek toots her own horn

Heehee! Well. There is nothing more nifty than knowing people like ya for something, especially when you've been down in dumpsville on and off again. I thought I would try to lighten my mood by reminding myself that I've got a good thing going. For starters, I've been selected to show in the Plush You Show for 200. There are some AMAZING crafters and artists involved and I am quite proud and a wee bit baffled that I made it in. I'm also a featured vendor at Chicago's Flist this October. I wish I could make it out there and am totally bummed that I can't. Bah! Lets' see, what else. Oh yeah. Goody Blog featured scrumdilly-do a few days ago and I got over three hundred hits on the Black Magic post. Yay! Wendy from mon motif has just posted about my Fruity Fun pillows, 455 people have favorited my etsy shop and did you see me in the premier issue of Mix Tape? With all that is floating around me I feel a little bit famous or maybe infamous, I dunno, either way these are things that make me kick up my heels and sing out loud all day long. Never mind I generally do in fact kick up my heels and sing all day long but this time my kicking is all extravagant-like. Can you see? I'm wearing a circle skirt and when I kick it gets all twirly...kinda like this:
circus twirl
Here's hoping you all have a kick up your heels kind of day. Thank you for all the happy thoughts and stuff...I'm sending out some of my own and it is just for YOU!


  1. Yay Jek! You gotta toot your own horn, otherwise I wouldn't have known about all the good stuff you're up to! Well done.

    PS you got nice gams.

  2. yay, Jek! I'm going to Seattle for the Plush You show and I'll get to brag to everyone that I know you!! Congrats on all of it, it's so well deserved :)

  3. Oh my gosh - you're going to be like a few blocks away from me at that craft fest in October! Are you going to be there the whole time? I have a horrendous destination wedding October 5th - 8th, but the rest of the time I'll be in Chicago. I can't wait to meet you.

  4. Dammit! I got too excited and didn't read through your post. Oh well, I will still look at your stuff!

  5. You, go on with your Bollywood dancing, shortbread swanking, superiffic self, Jek! You're a total rock star in my book.

  6. jek- you totally deserve all the attention- you are a very talented gal and I love stopping by to see what kind of fantastic photos or creative things you are up to.
    Not to mention your photobooth posts...

    congrats to you...