Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Week in Review: July 30-August 5

July 30-August 5
A week is a week is a week. Let's see...there was art and there was craft. I read stories and found myself covered in paint. I ironed, ironed, ironed my way to some form of carpal tunnel. I got my hair cut. I got my hair CUT! I made a new friend and I hung out with old friends. Cupcakes were eaten, cake was eaten and super yummy veggie sandwiches were also consumed. There was time spent napping and time spent cleaning. There was time spent doing busy work and creating top secret stuff for the shop. There was work, work and then garden work. We feasted on fresh blackberries and pulled up the last of the lettuce. I hung out with the japanese beetles and managed to step on one in my bare feet! We visited with granny and hit the free mulch pile in Silverlake. We watched kitschy movies and sad documentaries and danced ourselves breathless at the beach. All in all is was a pretty perfect week. I hope yours was the same.

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  1. Danced yourselves breathless on the beach? Aww Jek, you lucky gal!