Wednesday, February 05, 2014

the great capsule wardrobe adventure: day 20 {huzzah!}

end scene; items 1 and 5
 And then it was finished. I have to admitted the next day I put on jeans and my Old Focals shirt. But then I put on a happy layered skirt followed by another day of skirt wearing. I'm still quick to don the pajama bottoms once I get home but it was really nice not having to worry about what I was going to wear. Have less to choose from was kind of freeing....says the girl who just bought a new skirt. What am I going to do with myself? I'm going to do this again in a few weeks with all new items. I had a mini spree at the thrift and am looking forward to wearing some of the pieces I just picked up even though I wasn't going to do anymore clothes shopping. You just can't trust a Pisces. Tomorrow or whenever I recover from the sleep inducing dental adventure I will post a collage of all twenty ensembles...which makes me feel a little weird...look at me! look at me! 


  1. This was so fun to watch unfold, and I can totally relate to the difficulties of getting a 'good' photo of yourself, and have to now add that I think you're darn cute in all these shots!

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    I really enjoyed seeing your outfits. You are brave to let us all peek in. I really like your hair in this last photo. It looks wonderful.