Friday, December 21, 2012

make a denim stocking

If you have a pair of jeans lying around waiting for a new life you have one or two holiday stockings n the naking. The size of your stocking is determined by the width of your pants leg. If the pair of jeans you have are skinny jeans then I guess you stocking-to-be might be quite wee. This project is best suited for a straight , wide or boot cut. 

*1 pair of denim jeans
*large sheet of scratch paper
*sewing machine
*small to medium fabric doily
*tacky or fabric glue
Begin by liberating one of your pants legs from the rest of the jeans with a pair of scissors. Simply cut, cut, cut across the width until you have a free pant leg. Set aside. Draw a stocking shape of choice, eyeballing the size as indicated by your pants leg, onto your scratch paper and cut out with scissors. Position atop your pants leg so that the top of the stocking is at the very edge of the bottom hem. If your pattern is too large, trim until it fits. If you prefer to not have to trim you can measure your pant leg and go from their. I suppose I should do more measuring but the pisces in me just goes for it. 
Turn the pants leg inside out and pin your pattern in place making sure the top is once again lined up with the bottom hem of the leg. Bring to your sewing machine and stitch all the way around leaving the hemmed part (the top of the stocking) open.
Use a pair of scissors to trim around the pattern leaving about a quarter inch of fabric outside the stitches and add a few vertical snips at the curves. Turn the whole shebang rigth-side out. Ta-da! You now have a stocking.
From the remaining part of the leg, cut the double stitched ridge that runs up and down the entire leg if their is one. You will want a length of six to eight inches. This will be the loop that hans your stocking. Stitch to your stocking using your sewing machine. Go slow and be careful of placement so that you do not break a needle.
Next up, grab a small or medium sized doily and place wherever you fancy atop your stocking. Use fabric or tacky glue to affix the doily to the stocking and use a handful of clothespins to hold it all in place.
When dry, stuff with all sorts of goodies and gift ot a friend. Merry Christmas! 

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