Thursday, December 06, 2012

a wee bit of fancy

I wore a dress today. A dress for errand running and holiday shopping. I may have slipped it on over my head because I wanted to feel a bit fancy but I may have slipped it over my head because all of my jeans have preschool paint on them. I'll let you decide. I also added mascara AND eyeliner and red lipstick (of course).

And yes, I wore leggings with my dress which is not at all fancy but the dress was vintage and the leggings hd owls on them...does that count? 
It's been a busy week at the school and so my works in progress are works in progress-to-be. I have three for the 'do coming up soon (crossing fingers) and if I can find my list I'll try to get a diy up here as well. Until then have a happy happy weekend and slap on a wee bit o' fancy.


  1. Super cute!
    I consider it a win when I can take a shower AND put on "daytime clothes"

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I like your dress w/leggings. Good look on you. I have a new pair of leggings (my first pair ever) and still can't figure out how to wear them. Guess I need a really long top that covers my bottom. I don't have any dresses, but lots of skirts.

  3. it seems i haven't seen a whole pic of you in ages. you are the picture of lovliness, as always xx