Monday, June 20, 2011

mondays are for reflections

Both good and not-so-good. It has been a heart-heavy week and things are a bit wonky in the world of the a-go-gos. I quit my very new job and am back rifling through craigslist, typing up cover letters and re-wording resumes so we'll see what happens. The pickings are pretty slim up here but I am ever hopeful. I'm still wishing-wishing for a way to make more with this freelance writing thing. so far I've got crafty posts going for me and that is something, right?
I hit up a local school last week to check out getting certification to teach preschool. I'm in that middle-world of being over-educated with undocumented experience. Picking up classes and getting my mentor-hours in should be a big help and enormous relief. Too bad the school was closed when the mister & I went by on Friday. I should have checked, how dorky!
The weekend was spent doing what we do. Puttering about, a little bit of netflix, some reading, errand running, dinner-making and a walk out to the beach. it's been nice even with the heavy heart. My allergies have been behaving as well (knock on wood) and I'm in list-making mode.
This week I need to finish up a CRAFT article, pull together and outline another article pitch for a print magazine, finish up a guest post, visit that school I mentioned and maybe try another cake batter recipe in between job hunting and all that. I hope yer plans for the week are productive and jump-worthy! Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday, Dearie. I hear you on being over-educated and having a hard time finding a job. I've been there. You have great plans that I just know are going to work out. You are so amazing and someone is going to snatch you up very soon.

    Fritzi Marie

  2. I know it probably wasn't easy to quit the new job - but good. It wasn't going to make you happy. I hope that the job hunt is fruitful.

    Have a wonderful week!