Thursday, June 23, 2011

it feels like fall this morning...

All grey and drizzly. That's one thing about living where we do, our days are generally fairly mild. A little sun, blue skies and more wind than is necessary. We really should put in a windmill somewhere. Yesterday we had our first summerish day at almost 80 degrees. Spoiled? Perhaps.
The witch-baby is perched atop sofa number two all nestled in her fur garden. I can tell she is eyeballing the kitty door that she has finally mastered but since it is cold and drizzly she remains all loafed up on the sofa. The whir of the dishwasher is playing its morning symphony and the crows are outside causing such a ruckus. Maybe they are returning home from a long night out partying or something.

mr. a-go-go has already left for the day. Poor guy didn't get any sleep tossing and turning and fretting over an apartment we looked at yesterday. It's cute, has good light, is close to town and the rent isn't stupid but it is smaller than the tiny casa and lacks a living room. It's not a studio either, a studio could be adaptable. We really liked the owner and like I said, the light was really nice. So, what do we do? We couldn't bring any books and most of my fabric would have to remain in the mama a-go-go's garage. The kitchen is nice and large, and goodness the bathroom is kinda HUGE. Oh and the tub is one of them old fashioned deep dealies. In a word, nice. I suppose we should apply for it. It doesn't mean we'll get it, we are two people and most of the applicants are single. We couldn't put in a garden and there is no place for the bikes but there is a parking spot for Rodney and if you came to visit, you would have to sleep on the kitchen floor...heehee...and the witch-baby would stay with the family a-go-go. Sigh. Decision making is not my strong suit.

The culmination of my recent crafting for craft article is heaped up on the table waiting for good light to be photographed. I tried yesterday around dusk for the magic hour light but the wind was being pesky and I had to bring it all back in. Come on sun, where are ya?

And...I sent out all sorts of resumes, cover letters and contact emails and have not heard a peep. Not even a no thank-you or a get lost. That kinda irks me. At least let me know you received a query and are not interested, right? Once again, I expect too much. Stop with the whining already! Moving on. I have an idea for a job that doesn't really exist yet but should what with all this social media hullabaloo that is kicking around us. Trying to figure out how to propose it, I overthink too much. Maybe it is a defense mechanism, if I'm still thinking about it I won't actually be failing, ya know?

Oh and I had a dream last night that gave me such a sense of calm and well-being and I cannot remember it for the life of me. Drats! Sure, I remember all the crappy, icky dreams and I remember all the crazy trippy dreams but not the simple sweet dreams. I wish I could, I wish I could.

Methinks it's time for another round of cake batter baking. My chai could use some breakfast... happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Hang in there. Something perfect will come along. The hard thing is the wait.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I too have to wonder about never hearing back. For six months last summer and fall I attempted to find a job in San Francisco. I only applied to the jobs for which I had the specific qualifications and could list how I would fulfill each one, and how I had done so at my previous position. Never heard a word.

    One was with the school district that wanted someone with a marketing background who had taught in an inner city school. Now, I ask you, how many of us could there possibly be? Didn't even make the cut for the interview. I'm sure they already had the person lined up and just had to post it to satisfy certain laws. Ah, the life and times of job seekers.

    Btw, I have quit looking and just enjoying my retirement. Fortunately, I have volunteer activities to keep me occupied. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to stay in San Francisco.