Thursday, December 16, 2010

fun with pixy stix: the sequel

Make a paper chandelier also known as a pajaki. You can also check out my mini pajaki over at Craft. The mini pajaki would make a really nice holiday gift to decorate any corner or your rearview mirror.

*pixy stix wrappers
*sturdy thread 
*small to medium embroidery hoop
*plain white cupcake liners in two sizes
*small pom-poms
*tacky glue and/or invisible tape
*button with four holes
Liberate the sweetness inside your pixy stix and do what you want with it. Set up all your supplies and pop on some happy holiday tunes. With your scissors, cut each paper pixy straw into smaller pieces, making sure both ends have been liberated as well. Set them up within reach and prepare your cupcake liners.

Open up cupcake liner packages and flatten out about half from each package. Set these withing reach as well. Get your pom-poms ready.

Begin by cutting length of strong thread about 18" long. Knot one end and thread the other with your needle. Poke needle and thread through a pom-pom and drag it down to the knot. Continue threading liners and cut pixy straws (or regular straws if you choose) and alternating with pom-poms and such if you feel so delighted. Once your have about four inches at the beginning end, knot it off and set aside and do the whole shebang with another length of thread. Repeat three times mimicking your first strand if using a small hoop, six or more if your hoop is larger.

Cut four (or more if using larger hoop) more lengths of thread and repeat threading process ofr your lower layer. This time, make sure to leave eight to ten inches of thread at the top clear of any goodness. This is so your second layer hangs below the first.

Once all your lengths are finished, you will need to attach them to your emboidery hoop. Invisble tape is a master here but you can also use little dabs of tacky glue. My lengths are attached about a quarter of the way down from the top with a dab of glue and a smoosh of pixy stix. I found that the longer stretch of straw threading allowed for a cleaner hang on the hoop. Oh and don't be a total dork like me who used the hoop as a whole. All you need is the inside hoop which is free of metal ookiness. I used clothespins to anchor the strands to the glue until secure.  Once your first four strands are on the hoop, tie the next four in between the first and so the top of the strand hits just below the bottom of the first batch. I hope that makes sense. Don't forget to knot your thread securely and trim any excess thread.
Once your strands are all glued and affixed, thread the top strands each through a hole in a four holed button and knot. If you are extra crafty do it in a way that creates a loop for hanging, if you're like me, remember after the fact and make do. This awesome project may take you a couple of hours to complete. It is slow going but the end result is so pretty. I think I would LOVE to receive a gift as beautiful as this!

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