Saturday, December 18, 2010

stuff a stocking for under $25

Christmas stockings are my most favorite part of the holidays. mr. a-go-go's family calls them socks which makes more sense but they will always be stockings for me. My most favorite thing is to put together stockings and while you may think little trinkets are so sweet and inexpensive, you forget how they add up, and boy-howdy can they add up! There are many things I traditionally put into stockings, things Santa brought me when I was of Santa age. These things generally are a toothbrush, lip balm, pens or markers, chocolate, tea, cocoa or coffee, a brain teaser puzzle, soap, socks, and an orange. Depending on how upscale you go, you can do this for a little or a lot.

This year, I'm sending off two holiday stockings to friends that I adore. December, for more than a few people I lurve, is a difficult month. Too many loved ones lost at this time which can sometimes overshadow the joyous part of the season. We a-go-gos have had our fair share of holiday loss and know how it goes and feels. We're still huntin' for work and so our budget is tight. I put together two stockings for under $50 and made the stockings with materials I had on hand. Stuffing a stocking shouldn't be about price but I really had to reign myself in as I tend to go gift giving overboard so putting a limit on it, I had to get creative, and I had to really think about the usability of the items. I love gifts but I want them to be useful and lovely and fun. A tall order, I know. Sticking with items that people generally use with a few fun things thrown in makes not only for a lovely stocking but one you can feel good knowing it delights. Here's what I did and found.
This stocking is stuffed with a little handmade, a little local goodness, a smidge of average goodness, and a whole lotta love. Clockwise from the top left:

*handmade bookmark
*fancy candy cane
*bubble bath
*violet candies
*lip balm
*fair trade chocolate
*japanese cookies
*hand sanitizer
*fun socks
*happy gloves

The bookmark at the top left there was handmade by me using up happy scraps of fabric and felt. The candy cane was scored at a fabulous price at our local family barn. The tea is from my favorite online tea source and I order from them every year. The bubble bath and violet candy are from Cost Plus, the chocolate bar was made locally, the Japanese cookies are a favorite and came from a Japanese dollar store, the gloves, lip balm and hand sanitizer are dollar store finds. I added some whimsy to the gloves with felt and buttons. The socks were the most expensive but lookie how fun they are!
To make it a little more fun, I wrapped up some of the goodies in materials I had floating around. I used pattern tissue, brown bags, stripy twine and yarn. I'm sending these goodies to crafty friends so I know that some of the wrapping will be reused which is a good thing. I do love a lovely package and worry about the waste. Sigh. You can totally make an even lovelier stocking by adding more handmade that plays into your friends' favorites and likes. I wanted to add a mix cd but didn't have time to do it and I wanted to make some cup cozies as well. Even so,  I think these happy stockings would be awesome to receive, don't you?
Happy Holidays!


  1. those are beautiful!! I love the shape of them too! Next year I will be making my very own handmade stockings... or socks :))

  2. oops! sorry, i just needed to look at the previous post!